JH Koerner Ltd., inc with over thirty years industry experience and has collection of new design and process innovations resulting in millions of dollars of new found profits and/or savings.

We are currently fully booked with projects for the 2015 and first quarter of 2016Summer 2016 and beyond is open and will entertain new opportunities on a pre-qualified basis. Mutual NDA's are required.

Koerner & Associates Focuses on maximizing value of the wood fiber thru tried and true practices combined with emerging new technologies.  If todays chip prices are depresing your bottom line - We should talk. We have proven patent pending technologies that can recover the highest amount of wood fiber into various value added products.


  1. Short term Projects - 3 day minimum, $395 hour plus expenses
  2. Long term - development, new processes and/or new products -  fee schedule - flexible from percentage of costs savings to royalties splits