Cross laminated Timber (CLT) construction system developed in Europe uses a greater percentage of the log.  This carbon friendly building system is an emerging technologies in the USA, CLT  - ideally suited for a wide range of applications:
  1. Commercial Multi-storey
  2. Schools
  3. Earth quake and Hurrcane zones
  4. Small Portable Houses Craze
  5. Modular
  6. High end Unique custom homes
  7. Construction and crane mats
Opportunities for existing woodworking companies entry into CLT manufacturing can offer significant rewards.  The crucial element is gaining local building code approval.  Our network is assisting on woodworking companies with these challanges.

Composite 'greencore' uses the waste stream - chips, sawdust and shavings into a water proof, fire resistant center bonding core  that increases the green value while reducing weight and costs.

3 years of testing have resulted in numerous applications